Multi purpose Ozone Purifier


Multi purpose Ozone Purifier

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Multi Functional Ozone Generator Air Purifier Fruit Vegetable Sterilizer:

Features of AA-518
1. The use of high-quality ceramic tube, pure oxygen, not easy to crack;
2. Epoxy resin, vacuum encapsulated high-pressure module, resistant to moisture, earthquake, maintenance-free;
3. Modular and plug-in design, easy maintenance and good reliability;
4. Use special oxygen pump, long life, good stability;
5. Native ABS engineering plastics, high hardness, good cleanliness;
6. Three types of aerated stone with different shapes and colors to meet different usage requirements and more humane;
7. Two different colors of the outlet pipe, easy to distinguish, more sanitary;
8. Small footprint, dual use of water and air, simple operation, flat or wall hanging, more practical.

Main Features of Ozone
Sterilizer bacteria: ozone could sterilize the bacterial in the air or in water quickly. According to unit experiences report, when the water’s consistency of ozone was up to 0.05ppm, after 10 min, nearly 99 percent bacteria would be removed.
Detoxification: due to the development of business and material culture, there are lots of harmful substances around us. For example: co, pesticide, heavy metal, fertilizer, organic, odors and pigment and so on. Ozone will remove its harmful aspect and change them into safety things.
Keep the vegetables fresh: now, many developed country like Japanese, American, and some Europe countries was already widely use ozone in all kinds of food storage to delay foods’ storage period, Reduces the loss, to enhance the profit.
Bleach: because ozone has a strong oxidation, so it is a kind of bleach which could used in washing clothes, vegetables and water treatment.
Deodorization: ozone has a strong ability of ozone gerneratorolysis, it could remove the odor in the air quickly.


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